My Favourite Sushi Shop in Montreal - An Absolute Must-Try When You Are In Town, Plus It's Vegan & Trusted By Locals

My Favourite Sushi Shop in Montreal - An Absolute Must-Try When You Are In Town, Plus It's Vegan & Trusted By Locals

If you are visiting Montreal for a few days, and are looking for the best flavor and quality for your money, then Ohana Sushi gets my top recommendation.

The fact is, you only have a limited number of meals to enjoy in Montreal if you are visiting and I am here to make it an easy choice for you.

Why trust my advice?
I've been vegan since 2016 and tried all kinds of places in Montreal to satisfy cravings with all kinds of friends, groups and random exploring. I even travel to cities just to try the food. I've driven over 2 hours to try one sandwich in Ottawa (a story for another time).

Me and my girlfriend even started a plant-based dumpling business for over half a year - we had raving fans who loved our food and flavor combinations (dough, filling and sauces all made from scratch). So I believe I have a good grasp of flavor and quality when it comes to food.

Anyway, back to your sushi.


Order from Ohana Sushi.

Hands down, it is my favorite sushi place in all of Montreal.

It is made by owners who care about their food and dedicate 100% of their energy to their flavors and food. They are loving people and hardworking. When I first met them, I was blown away by their kindness and attention to detail in their food. If you are sensitive to getting great service and food, look no further. For real.

Try everything or try a select few. I have noted my top items below.

Notable items to try:

  • Black Angel (The star of the show in my opinion and so unique. No wonder it is their best seller: Made with beet and lentil tartar, shiitake, oba, avocado, mango, and shallot, topped with organic black garlic and massago rice beads.)

  • Sumo,

  • Geisha,

  • So-Mont Royal (vegan salmon)

  • Fruit Maki (Dessert, dip in maple syrup!)

Black Angel

Minh & Thuy - Ohana Sushi

Just going through the pictures to put on here was making me crave some.

If you can't wait any longer...

Then, go order from "Ohana Sushi" while this is fresh in your mind,

or favorite them in UberEats or DoorDash for next time.

I don't say this often but I am certain you will enjoy your food when you try them out!

By the way, if you go pick it up in person, you can tell Minh that Leon says hi!