Do You Consider Yourself A Leader?

Do You Consider Yourself A Leader?

I have never thought of myself as an actual leader before... until this year when I took initiative and lead a Canada-wide project at Tesla... I raised the bar by an order of magnitude (in terms of sale conversions and productivity) and now, I'm leading a team to replicate what I do.

It is quite amazing to realize this.

Not saying this to blow smoke up my ass but an example of how we can impress even ourselves by doing just a tiny bit every day.

I took the 16personalities test and it described this so well for my personality:

- Charismatic – Determined and inspiring, Protagonists often find their way into leadership roles. Whether they’re captain of their softball team or a leader on the world stage, they rarely lose sight of their main goal: to be of service to others.

As we take on our life's callings, I see all of us as leaders.

But do you see yourself as one, yet?

If you haven't, you should try taking the 16personalities test.

It's great. And Free. No affiliation to them.

For reference, I got the Protagonist Personality (ENFJ-A / ENFJ-T)

What did you get?