Customer Service Can Be Your Competitive Advantage

I've been selling stuff on Facebook marketplace for several years (4.8 stars now) and I've interacted with 1000s of customers across my projects and jobs, and a few days ago a customer thanked me for sending me money to reserve an item I was selling.

... This is profound.

They blatantly mentioned how they enjoyed interacting with me throughout the exchange.

And all I've done is be clear & honest, set my boundaries for timing options, actioned fast, updated them, and added a personal touch.

Not all will see your efforts at the first interaction, but most will remember the feeling and leave with a positive impression in the long run as they return with other questions and you become a trusted point of contact.

How is your customer service doing?
Perhaps an audit is due to see how you / your business stand.

Facebook Seller Rating 4.8 stars based on 17 ratings

Screenshot of my 4.8 star rating on Facebook Marketplace based on 17 ratings.

Exchange from the customer stating "You have been so easy to deal with"

I hope this gives you a bit of perspective on how simple it can be to provide a great experience for your customers.

If you have any questions, or want to see where you can improve with your customer support, feel free to comment or reach out and we can discuss.

All the best,