Advice for Entrepreneurs Who Need Help Deciding on a Direction

I’ve started a few businesses in my career… but the times when I truly felt the most fulfilled, was when I was aligned internally with the business direction.

When I started my beard oil business in 2014, I was pumped to design everything from my products, to marketing, copy, content, etc. I felt connected with my audience and clients. I loved testing out what I learned from copywriting (I was studying Gary Halbert). Then, I got scared to scale and stopped lol.

When I was growing my Instagram marketing business for fitness professionals, I felt aligned to help them to grow and connect with their audience too.

But after a while, I felt like I was out of touch with them and lost interest in the business direction entirely. I slowly started to stop and moved on.

(Note that the relationships and practice in making content consistently over 5-6 years was invaluable)

I then started Dumpling Nation with my girlfriend out of curiosity to share what others thought of her amazing cooking. It worked like crazy and I had the most fun building that.

However, the intense labour got in our way and we didn’t want to hire to expand the business and we were burned out.

Now, as I’m exploring for my next business, I don’t want it to become a nuisance. I want it to fulfill my curiosity, to channel creativity and practice and develop new skills too.

Here’s what I came up with to help myself really be aligned;

"I will excel in any business direction I choose to pursue.
I am unstoppable.
Only “I” can convince myself to stop.
Therefore, aligning my inner self will enable me to fully carry out my business decisions.

I don't pressure my inner self for an answer,
Or it may choose surface-level interests that are not fulfilling in the long term.
I give myself space, and the answer will come to me.
I actively communicate with my inner self to agree on a direction."


it may not be perfect, but that’s what came to mind and I hope it helps you on your own journey.

A great activity to align with your inner-self is to journal.

See more on specific journalling activities here in my morning routines post.

I wish you all the best and I'll update you on how this develops for my next business direction.

Feel free to write your thoughts below.