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10 Ways To Practice Self Love Today

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Leon Benjamin
·Dec 13, 2022·

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Self-care, self-respect, self-love seems overlooked in this world of fast-paced social media consumption, and increased time spent on our devices.

Here are 10 ways to practice self love today:

1. Setting boundaries with yourself

For example: You might be lured into continuing to work long after you were supposed to... Create a HARD STOP on when you actually stop working and start to relax.

2. Setting boundaries with others

Leave a conversation, advise on what you are comfortable sharing about and what you are not. Draw the line.

3. Speak kindly to yourself

It's easy to be hard on ourselves. Our subconscious takes everything you say and think as true... so how you speak to yourself is more critical than we think. Take some time to journal and try to be kinder in your thoughts to yourself.

4. Do activities you enjoy

Reading, journalling, video games, frame those pictures, bake cookies,

5. Meditate

Gives your mind a break

6. Take a bubble bath

7. Sign up to the class you've been wanting to join

For me, this was jiu jitsu! I have waited 2-3 years to sign back up to jiu jitsu.

8. Count Your Wins

Go over what you have accomplished recently that you are so proud of

9. Message people who see your worth and value

It can be friends, family, customers... engaging with these people will help you realize.

10. Go to bed earlier

It can be as simple as that. Or even take a bit more time to do your evening routine. Anything to pamper yourself to take care of the number one most important person of your life.

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