10 Ways To Excel At Work

  1. Master the basics

    Looking for the exceptions, and trying to know all the exceptions at once is a distraction. Focus on the basics. You will be surprised how others skim this part.

  2. Ask questions about what you don’t understand

    Try to answer it, but if you don't know... there is no shame in asking. You will be pointed in the right direction and expand your knowledge. One question at a time.

  3. Attempt to solve the problem, then ask for a second opinion

    This is to build your independence.

  4. Embrace the unknown and give it your best shot

    In some situations, it might be the first time this has happened. With what you know, try to go for it.

  5. Embrace rejection

    You might get a no, but you will get closer to understanding. And this will prepare you for next time. And most often, it's the situation. Not you. Never take it personally.

  6. Ask your supervisor about one thing to improve for the coming week

    They will be excellent guides for you to develop your career. They can see how your position impacts the rest of the teams and departments. If you improve just 1 thing per week, in a matter of months you can excel your performance.

  7. Help out others if you know the answer

    See a question you know the answer to from a colleague? Help them out. We all learn different things. You will all elevate together.

  8. Keep in mind which metrics are measured

    Have a visual of these metrics on a regular basis so that you can gauge how well you are doing.

  9. Seek out mentorship
    Others who have been there. Ask for advice. They are here to help.

  10. Focus on improving one aspect at a time
    Everything at once can be overwhelming. One thing at a time. Get clear on it. And then move onto the next thing. This goes back to mastering the basics.